Via Cavour 1

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Additional information

مقدمة العطر

Quince, White Peach

قلب العطر

Chocolate, Moroccan Rose, Patchouli, Red Berries, Rose

قاعدة العطر

Agarwood (Oud), Amber, Caramel, Cashmeran, Madagascar Vanilla, Musk


“Xerjoff Via Cavour 1” is a refined fragrance that embodies sophistication and elegance, part of the luxury Italian fragrance brand Xerjoff. Via Cavour 1 is one of the brand’s creations designed for individuals who appreciate complex and distinguished scents that leave a lasting impression. Named after Via Cavour, a historic street in Turin, Italy, this fragrance draws inspiration from its prestigious and culturally rich namesake.

**Essence and Appeal:**
Via Cavour 1 is crafted to appeal to those who seek a fragrance that balances the refined with the luxurious. Its scent profile is designed to capture an air of classic elegance, with a composition that is both distinctive and versatile.

**Signature Experience:**
The fragrance opens with a blend of citrus and aromatic notes that provide a fresh and invigorating start. This initial burst quickly evolves into a rich, floral heart that adds depth and complexity. The base is where the fragrance truly shines, as warm woody notes and a hint of musk create a grounding and enveloping finish.

**Design and Presentation:**
Xerjoff’s commitment to luxury extends to the design of the bottle, which features the brand’s signature clean lines and artistic flair. The sophisticated packaging underscores the high-quality craftsmanship of the fragrance itself, making it a beautiful addition to any collection.

**Overall Impression:**
“Xerjoff Via Cavour 1” is more than just a fragrance; it’s a statement of refinement and distinction. Ideal for both day and evening wear, this perfume is perfect for those who appreciate the art of fragrance blending and seek a scent that captures their sophisticated style. Whether for formal events or daily elegance, Via Cavour 1 is a versatile and distinguished choice that embodies the high standards of Xerjoff.

Via Cavour 1
KWD 74.500