Is Maison Violet Worth Trying?

The first thing to know about Maison Violet scents is that Violet is the name of the fragrance house and not the aroma of its perfumes.   Maison Violet is a reborn French perfumer that got its start in 1827 when François-Étienne Violet launched the company.   A once-famed fragrance house, Maison Violet was dormant for decades … Read more

6 Vintage Perfumes Worth Trying in Our Stores

If you have been searching for that extraordinary fragrance but you just can’t seem to find it, we have found a place where the perfumes are easy to access wherever you are. Our fragrances in Kuwait are rare, vintage and extraordinary. Many women have been searching for some of these vintage fragrances for a long … Read more

Recommendation for mothers 2022

To show how much you appreciate your sweet Mom, you have to get her a lovely gift to say how much you love her. Perfume gifts have a deeper meaning than just the nice scent. They are closely tied to memories and emotions, which is why we have specially selected these unique perfume fragrances that … Read more

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