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Additional information

Top Notes

Bergamot, Ginger, Green Notes, Pink Pepper

Middle Notes

Black Currant, Cardamom, Turkish Rose

Base Notes

Ambergris, Benzoin, Cedar, Musk, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vanilla


Experience the allure of “Nishane Ani,” a captivating and luxurious fragrance available at FGC Parfumerie, Kuwait’s premier destination for exclusive and sophisticated scents. This parfum is a creation of Nishane, a renowned niche fragrance house, and is designed for those who seek a scent that is both richly layered and deeply evocative, blending the exotic with the familiar.

Ani opens with a vibrant burst of zesty and aromatic notes, instantly awakening the senses. This invigorating opening is a delightful blend of citrus and spices, setting a tone of exhilarating freshness combined with a hint of exotic warmth.

The heart of the fragrance reveals a captivating dance of florals and spices. Here, the central notes unfold to display a complex and intoxicating mix, embodying the heart’s multifaceted and enchanting character. This middle layer is a testament to the masterful blending of Nishane, showcasing a balance between the opulence of florals and the allure of spice.

As Ani settles, it introduces a base that resonates with depth and warmth. These grounding notes provide a rich and enduring finish, ensuring that the fragrance leaves a lasting and memorable impression. The base is a luxurious blend of vanilla, amber, and musk, offering a comforting and enveloping finish that lingers on the skin.

Presented at FGC Parfumerie, “Nishane Ani” is more than just a perfume; it’s an olfactory journey of discovery and indulgence. It’s perfect for those who appreciate the art of fine perfumery and seek a scent that combines the vibrancy of citrus and spices with the warmth of vanilla and amber. Wear Ani to envelop yourself in a fragrance that is as mysterious as it is captivating, a scent that lingers like a cherished memory.