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Floris Leather Oud

Floris Leather Oud is based on the precious perfumes of oud wood interpreted with leather. The inspiration for this fragrance comes from the days of old, when fragrance oils used to be delivered in small leather cases, thereby adding the leather scent to the oil aromas. In this new fragrance, the fresh leather scent highlights and complements the smoky ascents of the Oud aroma, which has deep, opulent, and sensual notes unlike any that you’ll find in any other fragrance. Floris Leather Oud is available in Kuwait as a 100ml Eau de Parfum.


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Parfums de Marly

Carlisle Perfume by Parfums De Marly is a warmly spiced masculine fragrance with a delectable signature that embodies a great variety of unique notes, including vanilla, almond, and tobacco aromas. This gourmand-inflected oriental fragrance is reserved only for those who choose to take like by the horns. With its sumptuous alliance of tart green apple, earthy nutmeg, and fiery saffron, this Carlisle perfume immediately sets itself apart from the rest. From the first sniff, it’s evident that these notes create enduring harmony that will make you feel like you’re descended from royalty. This fragrance is available from France Gallery in Kuwait in 125ml.



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