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Esco Pazzo

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Top Notes

Artemisia, Citruses, Cypress, Fruity Notes, Pepper, Spices

Middle Notes

Cedar, Geranium, Lavender, Mate, Saffron

Base Notes

Amber, Ambergris, Leather, Musk, Tobacco


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“Lorenzo Pazzaglia Esco Pazzo” is a striking fragrance that showcases the bold and experimental spirit of its creator, part of the innovative Italian perfume house of Lorenzo Pazzaglia. Known for blending unconventional notes to create captivating narratives within each scent, “Esco Pazzo” (I Go Crazy) is a testament to the wild and eccentric nature of artistic expression in perfumery. This fragrance is tailored for the adventurous wearer, someone who seeks a unique, standout scent that breaks traditional boundaries.

**Essence and Appeal:**
“Esco Pazzo” encapsulates the idea of unbridled passion and madness in a bottle, appealing to those who are not just perfume lovers but also connoisseurs of unique, olfactory art. It’s designed for individuals in Kuwait and globally who appreciate niche perfumes and the stories they tell, providing an olfactory experience that is as unexpected as it is enchanting.

**Signature Experience:**
The fragrance likely opens with a dynamic burst of spicy and citrus notes, instantly grabbing attention with its vibrant energy. This may include a wild blend of pepper, bergamot, or other zestful aromatics that signify the ‘crazy’ essence of the perfume.

As the scent develops, it might unfold into a complex heart featuring exotic flowers or unusual herbal notes, adding layers of depth and intrigue. This middle phase represents the core of “Esco Pazzo,” where the traditional and the unconventional collide in a beautiful chaos.

The base of the fragrance is expected to ground the initial intensity with richer, earthy notes such as patchouli, vetiver, or amber. These elements provide a solid foundation, balancing the fragrance’s more flamboyant top and heart notes with a warm, lingering presence.

**Design and Presentation:**
True to the brand’s style, the bottle of “Esco Pazzo” would likely reflect its avant-garde nature. Expect a design that’s both artistic and slightly eccentric, perhaps featuring bold colors or unconventional shapes that capture the essence of the fragrance’s name and character.

**Overall Impression:**
“Lorenzo Pazzaglia Esco Pazzo” is ideal for those who wish to make a bold statement with their fragrance. Perfect for evening wear or special occasions where one desires to stand out, this perfume is a conversation starter, suited for the confident wearer who delights in expressing their unique personality through the art of fragrance.