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Evil Angel

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Top Notes

Cashmeran, Citruses, Fruits, Fruity Notes, Lime, Mint, Musk, Petit-grain Bigarade, Wormwood

Middle Notes

Cinnamon, Citrus, Coconut, Rum, Whiskey

Base Notes

Bourbon, Cedar, Iso E super, Myrhh, Sandalwood, Tobacco, Vanilla


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“Lorenzo Pazzaglia Evil Angel” is a compelling and provocative fragrance from the innovative niche perfume house of Lorenzo Pazzaglia. Known for his ability to weave complex narratives into his scents, Pazzaglia creates fragrances that are not only sensory experiences but also evocative stories. “Evil Angel” is designed for those who are drawn to dark, mysterious, and somewhat contradictory elements, perfectly suited for individuals who embrace both their angelic and sinister sides.

**Essence and Appeal:**
“Evil Angel” captures the dual nature of its namesake, blending ethereal lightness with a seductive darkness. It’s crafted for the sophisticated fragrance enthusiast in Kuwait and around the world, particularly those who appreciate the depth and complexity of niche perfumery. This scent is ideal for anyone who seeks a fragrance that balances innocence with intrigue.

**Signature Experience:**
The fragrance likely opens with luminous and airy top notes, such as bergamot or white flowers, suggesting an angelic purity. This lightness sets an inviting tone, only to be intriguingly contrasted by deeper, more enigmatic middle notes. Ingredients like black pepper, dark berries, or smoky incense could emerge, representing the ‘evil’ twist and adding a captivating complexity to the scent profile.

As it settles on the skin, “Evil Angel” might reveal a base of rich, dark elements like leather, dark woods, or amber. These sensual and robust notes provide a lasting depth, perfectly encapsulating the fragrance’s theme of seductive darkness intertwined with celestial light.

**Design and Presentation:**
The packaging of “Evil Angel” is expected to visually reflect the fragrance’s dual nature. The bottle could feature a design that incorporates elements of both light and shadow, such as a gradient color scheme that shifts from clear to dark, or an angelic motif juxtaposed with darker Gothic elements.

**Overall Impression:**
“Lorenzo Pazzaglia Evil Angel” is more than just a fragrance; it’s a narrative expressed through scent. It is especially suitable for evening wear or occasions that call for a sophisticated, memorable aroma. This perfume is perfect for those who are not afraid to express all facets of their personality, embracing both the light and dark within them. It stands out in the niche fragrance market as a bold, artistic statement, ideal for the discerning collector or enthusiast.