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Top Notes

Black Pepper, Coconut, Elemi Resin, Pink Pepper, Smoke Wood

Middle Notes

Davana, Jasmine, Pepper, Rum

Base Notes

Agarwood (Oud), Amber, Bourbon, Sandalwood, Sugar, Vanilla


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“Lorenzo Pazzaglia Carbonara” is a unique and daring fragrance from the imaginative perfume house of Lorenzo Pazzaglia. Known for creating scents that challenge and intrigue, Pazzaglia often draws inspiration from unexpected sources. “Carbonara,” named after the beloved Italian pasta dish, is a fragrance that translates the rich, comforting essences of culinary art into a wearable scent. This fragrance is designed for those who appreciate creativity and novelty in perfumery, blending gourmand elements with traditional perfume notes to create something entirely unexpected.

**Essence and Appeal:**
“Carbonara” captures the essence of its namesake dish by evoking the creamy, savory, and slightly smoky flavors of carbonara sauce. It is intended for those who have a penchant for rich, food-inspired fragrances and are looking for something that stands out from typical floral or citrus notes. This scent is playful yet sophisticated, making it suitable for those who enjoy expressing their unique personality and style through their fragrance choices.

**Signature Experience:**
The fragrance likely begins with notes that mimic the fresh, peppery aroma of the dish, perhaps incorporating spicy black pepper or even a hint of pancetta’s smokiness. These top notes set a savory tone that is both inviting and intriguing. As the scent develops, it might unveil layers that suggest the creamy richness of eggs and cheese, possibly through the use of milky or buttery notes that add depth and warmth to the composition.

The base of “Carbonara” could be grounded with earthy, woody notes, adding a layer of sophistication and ensuring the fragrance has a solid foundation on which the richer, gourmand elements can shine. This blend results in a complex, memorable scent that lingers and evolves throughout the day.

**Design and Presentation:**
Consistent with Lorenzo Pazzaglia’s artistic approach, the bottle for “Carbonara” would likely be simple yet elegant, designed to let the fragrance inside speak for itself. The packaging might subtly nod to the culinary inspiration behind the scent, possibly through the use of color or minimal graphic elements that evoke Italian culinary tradition.

**Overall Impression:**
“Lorenzo Pazzaglia Carbonara” is a fragrance for the adventurous spirit, perfect for those who delight in the unconventional and cherish the fusion of art and gastronomy. It is particularly suitable for evening wear or special occasions where its rich, distinctive aroma can truly be appreciated. This fragrance is a conversation starter, ideal for the fragrance aficionado who loves to tell a story through their scent.