Ylang Ylang & Musk

Eau de Parfum Womenmore

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Additional information

Top Notes

Bergamot, Jasmine, Lemon

Middle Notes

Ginger, Magnolia, Ylang-Ylang

Base Notes

Musk, Vanilla


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Discover the sensual allure of “Label Perfumes Ylang Ylang & Musk,” a fragrance that beautifully marries floral and musky notes to create a deeply evocative and alluring scent. Available at select perfumeries, this perfume is a standout offering from the Label Perfumes collection, designed for those who appreciate the luxurious interplay of exotic florals with the warm, sensual base of musk.

**Label Perfumes Ylang Ylang & Musk** opens with the rich, heady aroma of ylang ylang, renowned for its intensely sweet and slightly spicy floral notes. This captivating scent sets a lush, tropical tone, evoking images of blooming flowers under a warm sun.

As the fragrance unfolds, it reveals a heart where the opulent ylang ylang is seamlessly blended with other floral elements, enhancing its depth and complexity. This harmonious floral bouquet creates an enchanting, almost hypnotic effect, drawing you deeper into the scent’s exotic charm.

The base of the fragrance is dominated by a smooth, creamy musk. This foundational note provides a soft yet powerful counterpoint to the brightness of the ylang ylang, adding a touch of mystery and warmth. The musk enriches the fragrance, making it more rounded and ensuring long-lasting wearability with a subtle, pervasive allure.

**Label Perfumes Ylang Ylang & Musk** is more than just a fragrance; it’s a journey into a world of sophisticated sensuality. Ideal for those who seek a perfume that balances the exotic with the intimate, this scent is perfect for evening wear or special occasions where making a memorable impression is key. Apply it to pulse points to envelop yourself in its warm, floral musk, making every moment feel more luxurious and enticing.

Ylang Ylang & Musk
KWD 26.500