Y Elixir

Parfum Menmore

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Agarwood (Oud), Frankincense


**YSL Y Elixir** is an alluring addition to the Yves Saint Laurent Y fragrance line, renowned for its fresh and energetic appeal. As an elixir, this fragrance deepens and intensifies the signature elements of the Y collection, making it a compelling choice for those who seek a more profound and lasting scent experience.

**Essence and Appeal:**
YSL Y Elixir amplifies the hallmark characteristics of the Y series, blending invigorating freshness with deeper, more intense woody and aromatic notes. Designed for the modern, ambitious man, Y Elixir embodies boldness and strength, making it ideal for those who are driven and determined in their pursuits.

**Signature Experience:**
The fragrance opens with a burst of energizing bergamot, which provides a crisp, clean introduction. This is complemented by the addition of ginger, which adds a spicy, vibrant layer, enhancing the initial freshness. As the fragrance develops, it reveals a heart of aromatic sage and geranium, lending a refined herbal and slightly floral nuance that adds sophistication and depth.

The base of YSL Y Elixir is where the fragrance truly resonates, featuring a robust blend of deeper elements like frankincense and tonka bean. These ingredients provide a smooth, rich finish that is both luxurious and enduring. The addition of cedarwood anchors the fragrance with a solid woody foundation, enhancing its masculine appeal and ensuring lasting wear.

**Design and Presentation:**
YSL Y Elixir is presented in a sleek and modern bottle, consistent with the Y line’s stylish and contemporary aesthetic. The darker hue of the bottle suggests the more intense and enriched nature of the elixir, appealing to those who appreciate luxury and style in their fragrance choices.

**Overall Impression:**
YSL Y Elixir is more than just a fragrance; it’s a statement of sophistication and assertiveness. It’s perfect for evening wear or important occasions where a powerful, memorable presence is desired. This scent is especially suited for the confident man who commands attention and respects with his profound sense of self and ambition.

Y Elixir
KWD 53.750