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Top Notes

Bitter Orange, Saffron, Tagetes

Middle Notes

Amber, Caramel, Coconut

Base Notes

Musk, Vanilla


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Introducing “Label Perfumes Vanilla,” a fragrance that encapsulates the timeless allure of pure vanilla, now available at select perfumeries. This scent is part of the Label Perfumes collection, crafted for those who cherish the warm, comforting, and universally loved aroma of vanilla. Perfect for anyone seeking a fragrance that is both soothing and inviting, Vanilla offers a classic and elegant olfactory experience.

**Label Perfumes Vanilla** starts with a rich, full-bodied vanilla scent. This primary note is sweet, creamy, and instantly recognizable, evoking feelings of warmth and nostalgia. The simplicity of pure vanilla offers a soothing presence, making it a versatile and welcoming choice for everyday wear.

As the fragrance develops, it may introduce subtle undertones that enhance the vanilla’s natural sweetness. These can include hints of caramel, spice, or even a touch of woodiness, which provide depth and complexity to the straightforward vanilla base. These layers ensure that the fragrance, while focused on vanilla, offers a unique twist that sets it apart from more straightforward vanilla scents.

The base of the fragrance remains soft and warm, with a comforting longevity that ensures the creamy vanilla lingers on the skin. This enduring quality makes **Label Perfumes Vanilla** not only pleasant to wear but also enveloping in a way that feels personal and intimate.

**Label Perfumes Vanilla** is more than just a fragrance; it’s a celebration of one of perfumery’s most beloved ingredients. Ideal for daily wear, this perfume is perfect for those who prefer scents that are both classic and slightly nuanced. Apply it to pulse points for a scent that comforts and delights throughout the day, or layer it with other fragrances to add a creamy, sweet dimension to a more complex fragrance profile.

KWD 36.500