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Top Notes


Middle Notes

Carnation, Lily of the Valley, Rasberry

Base Notes

Cedar, Leather, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Sugar, Vanilla


Orto Parisi Seminalis is an audacious fragrance from the innovative niche brand Orto Parisi, created by the renowned perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri. Known for his bold approach to perfumery, Gualtieri has crafted Seminalis as a scent that explores and challenges traditional boundaries, designed for those who seek a unique and thought-provoking fragrance experience.

Essence and Appeal:
Seminalis is a provocative and intense fragrance that aims to evoke primal and instinctual emotions. It’s designed for those who are adventurous and confident in their individuality, offering a distinctive scent that leaves a memorable impression. The fragrance embodies sensuality and intimacy, making it ideal for those seeking a deeply personal and evocative scent.

Signature Experience:
The fragrance opens with an immediate burst of musk and woods, creating a rich and animalistic aura. This is complemented by subtle hints of sweetness that weave through the composition, adding complexity and depth to the scent. The base is warm and enveloping, with amber and woody notes that linger on the skin, providing a long-lasting and compelling finish.

Design and Presentation:
Orto Parisi Seminalis comes in a simple yet elegant bottle that reflects the brand’s minimalist aesthetic. The design is unpretentious and focuses on the quality and impact of the fragrance itself. The packaging features a distinctive cap and clean lines that enhance the overall presentation.

Overall Impression:
Orto Parisi Seminalis is not just a fragrance; it’s an exploration of human sensuality and primal instincts. Ideal for evening wear or occasions where you want to make a bold and memorable impression, it is a scent that celebrates individuality and confidence. Its daring blend is best suited for those who enjoy fragrances that challenge conventions and offer a distinctive olfactory journey.

KWD 65.000