Private Collection – V Amber Fougere Masculine

Parfum Menmore

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Additional information

Top Notes

Bergamot, Black Pepper

Middle Notes


Base Notes

Amber, Smoke, Vetiver


Step into a realm where classic elegance meets contemporary sophistication with “Clive Christian Private Collection – V Amber Fougere Masculine,” a distinguished fragrance available at FGC Parfumerie, Kuwait’s destination for luxury scents. This parfum, from the renowned Private Collection, is a sublime blend of the traditional fougere style with modern amber accents, crafted for the discerning man who appreciates a scent that balances time-honored masculinity with a modern twist.

V Amber Fougere Masculine opens with the classic freshness of fougere, an iconic style in men’s perfumery. This opening is crisp and clean, setting a tone of refined masculinity and timeless elegance.

The heart of the fragrance delves into a richer, more complex territory, introducing the warmth of amber. The amber heart adds depth and resonance to the fougere opening, creating a sophisticated and multi-dimensional scent profile. This blend of amber with the traditional fougere notes is a testament to the innovative spirit of Clive Christian, marrying classic styles with contemporary elements.

As the fragrance unfolds, it settles into a base that provides a lasting and distinguished finish. These grounding notes enhance the amber and fougere accord, leaving an enduring impression of sophistication and modernity. The base of V Amber Fougere Masculine is a blend of woody and musky notes, adding a final touch of elegance and depth to the scent.

Presented at FGC Parfumerie, “Clive Christian Private Collection – V Amber Fougere Masculine” is more than a fragrance; it’s an expression of modern elegance and classic style. It’s ideal for the man who seeks a scent that combines the heritage of traditional perfumery with the allure of contemporary sophistication. Wear V Amber Fougere Masculine to exude an aura of refined masculinity and nuanced modernity.

Private Collection – V Amber Fougere Masculine
KWD 133.500