Pacific Park

Eau de Parfum Intense Unisexmore

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Additional information

Top Notes

Black Currant, Mandarin Orange, Pear

Middle Notes

Cotton Candy, Fruity Notes, Lily of the Valley

Base Notes

Caramel, Vanilla, White Musk


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**Simone Andreoli Pacific Park** is a lively and captivating fragrance from the renowned Italian niche perfume house of Simone Andreoli. Known for his ability to capture the essence of travel and vivid experiences in his scents, Andreoli’s “Pacific Park” is inspired by the iconic amusement parks along California’s coast, particularly the vibrant and nostalgic atmosphere of Santa Monica’s Pacific Park. This fragrance is crafted for those who enjoy dynamic, fun, and sweet scents that evoke joyful memories and a carefree spirit.

**Essence and Appeal:**
“Pacific Park” encapsulates the joyous and energetic spirit of a day spent at the amusement park, blending sweet and gourmand notes to create a scent that is both delightful and exhilarating. It appeals to individuals who are drawn to playful and nostalgic fragrances that bring a sense of happiness and whimsy. This perfume is perfect for those in Kuwait and around the world who seek a scent that captures the essence of fun and excitement.

**Signature Experience:**
The fragrance likely opens with a burst of sweet, sugary notes reminiscent of classic amusement park treats. Think cotton candy, caramel apples, and vanilla ice cream. These gourmand top notes create an immediately joyful and mouthwatering introduction, evoking images of colorful stalls and indulgent snacks.

As “Pacific Park” develops, it may introduce heart notes of fruity accords, such as juicy berries or zesty citrus, adding a layer of freshness and vibrancy to the sweetness. These notes enhance the playful character of the fragrance, making it feel lively and full of energy.

The base of the fragrance is expected to feature warm, comforting notes like vanilla, musk, and perhaps a hint of sandalwood. These elements provide a smooth and lasting finish, grounding the initial sweetness with a touch of creamy depth and warmth. The result is a well-balanced fragrance that is both uplifting and comforting, perfect for evoking the carefree joy of a day at the park.

**Design and Presentation:**
The bottle and packaging of “Pacific Park” would likely reflect the playful and vibrant nature of the fragrance. Expect a design that incorporates bright, cheerful colors and possibly imagery that evokes the fun and excitement of an amusement park, such as roller coasters, Ferris wheels, and colorful lights. The overall presentation would emphasize the fun and whimsical feel of the fragrance.

**Overall Impression:**
“Simone Andreoli Pacific Park” is an ideal fragrance for daytime wear, especially during the warmer months when its sweet and playful notes can truly shine. It is perfect for casual outings, fun events, or any occasion where a lively and joyful scent is desired. This fragrance is a delightful addition to any collection, offering a unique blend of sweetness and energy that captures the essence of fun and nostalgia in a bottle.

Pacific Park
KWD 58.500