Orange & Cinnamon Candle

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Top Notes

Black Pepper, Orange

Middle Notes


Base Notes

Cinnamon, Musk, Nutmeg


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Illuminate your home with the comforting warmth of “Label Perfumes Orange & Cinnamon Glass Candle,” now available at select perfumeries and home decor outlets. This enchanting candle is a part of the esteemed Label Perfumes collection, crafted for those who savor the rich interplay of vibrant citrus and spicy warmth, perfect for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in any setting.

**Label Perfumes Orange & Cinnamon Glass Candle** opens with the bright and zesty aroma of orange. This initial burst of citrus provides a refreshing and uplifting scent that invigorates the senses, bringing a lively and cheerful energy to your environment. The sweet, tangy essence of orange evokes a sense of freshness and cleanliness, ideal for enhancing the ambiance of your living space.

As the candle continues to burn, the warm and aromatic notes of cinnamon begin to weave through the air. This spice adds a layer of depth and complexity, complementing the brightness of the orange with its rich, comforting warmth. Cinnamon is renowned for its inviting and cozy properties, making this candle a perfect choice for chilly evenings or festive gatherings.

The **Label Perfumes Orange & Cinnamon Glass Candle** is beautifully presented in a sleek glass container that not only enhances the visual appeal of the candle but also serves as a stylish decorative element in your home. The elegant design and neutral color palette ensure that it fits seamlessly into any decor style, from modern minimalist to rustic or traditional.

Ideal for use in communal areas like living rooms, kitchens, or dining rooms, this candle is perfect for creating a warm, welcoming mood for family gatherings, holiday celebrations, or simply a relaxing evening at home. The combination of orange and cinnamon offers a classic scent that is both comforting and timeless.

**Label Perfumes Orange & Cinnamon Glass Candle** not only fills your space with a delightful fragrance but also enhances the overall aesthetic of your home. Enjoy the luxurious blend of fresh citrus and spicy warmth that this candle provides, making every moment at home feel more inviting and enjoyable.

Orange & Cinnamon Candle
KWD 16.500KWD 94.500