N.2 Galette Des Rois Room Diffuser

KWD 18.500KWD 42.500

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Base Notes

Almond, Hot Cream, Lemon Tree, Saffron, Sugar, Tonka Beans, Vanilla


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“We can all be kings and queens, even if only for one day! Once upon a time in France, and there still is, the ancient custom of serving “The king’s cake”. According to tradition, the oldest of those present cuts the cake into slices, leaving an extra slice in memory of the custom according to which even the poor, knocking on the door, would find something to eat during the Epiphany. The younger diner, hidden under the table so as not to watch the cutting, then decides who to assign the slices to. Whoever finds the broad bean in his slice wears the crown and becomes king or queen of the day and, in theory, will be able to “give orders” to the rest of the group throughout the day, proposing what to do to continue the celebrations.” – Nobile 1942

N.2 Galette Des Rois Room Diffuser
KWD 18.500KWD 42.500