Masters’ Collection Vanagloria

Eau de Parfum Unisexmore

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Top Notes

Pineapple, Saffron

Middle Notes

Incense, Olibanum, Tonka Bean

Base Notes

Musk, Vanilla


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«I have fond memories of my meeting with Roberto, which I like to think of as a ‘sharing’ encounter, with all the meanings that this word can have. The sharing of our different experiences, our convictions, our tastes, but also the discovery of what we share, during the course of a particularly interesting dialogue.  First and foremost, we share a sincere and deep love for perfumery, in all its forms, all its expressions. We also share a respect for natural raw materials, which only want for us to express their multiplicity. In the same way, we share the curiosity to explore new forms of imagining the olfactory form for what it is, for its roughness, for its development. We share this aspiration of freedom, which allows us to create without limits, and which is the hallmark of the Masters’ Collection.  Finally, we share the conviction that the authenticity of the idea, of the creative reflection, and, more simply put, of the perfume, will always be understood and valued by the consumer. I had wanted to work on a fragrance that would highlight the vanilla bean for many years, and this desire was shared by Roberto. This fragrance was developed with total creative freedom, bringing together everything we share with Roberto, and it is a great honor to see it shared with all of you today». Dominique Ropion – Laboratorio Olfattivo

Masters’ Collection Vanagloria
KWD 29.500KWD 59.500