Desert Suave

Eau de Parfum Unisexmore

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Additional information

Top Notes

Cardamom, Cloves, Mandarin

Middle Notes

Dates, Orange Blossom, Rose

Base Notes

Cedar, Cistus


Embrace the enigmatic allure of the desert with “Liquides Imaginaires Desert Suave,” a captivating fragrance featured at FGC Parfumerie, Kuwait’s esteemed source for unique and luxurious scents. This parfum is an ode to the mysterious beauty of desert landscapes, crafted for those who are enchanted by the serenity and the timeless allure of vast, sandy expanses.

Desert Suave opens with an inviting warmth, reminiscent of the golden hues of a desert at sunset. This warmth is created by a blend of spicy notes, evoking the exotic aromas that linger in the air of a desert bazaar.

As the fragrance unfolds, it reveals a heart of opulent, sweet florals and rich, dried fruits. These notes are like an oasis in the desert, providing a lush, comforting embrace amidst the arid surroundings. The blend of florals and fruits in Desert Suave is reminiscent of the precious commodities that once traveled along ancient desert trade routes.

In its final notes, Desert Suave settles into a deep, resinous base of amber and woods. These grounding elements evoke the enduring spirit of the desert, symbolizing its vastness and the profound sense of peace one finds in its embrace.

Offered at FGC Parfumerie, “Liquides Imaginaires Desert Suave” is not just a perfume, but a journey through the enigmatic beauty of desert landscapes. It’s a scent for those who find beauty in the stark and the sublime, capturing the essence of desert mystique in every bottle. Wear Desert Suave to be enveloped in the warmth and mystery of the desert, a fragrance that tells a tale of timelessness and wonder.

Desert Suave
KWD 64.750