Acqua & Sol – Acqua Nobile


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Additional information

Top Notes

Bergamot, Cardamom, Mandarin, Neroli

Middle Notes

Geranium, Myrrh, Orange Blossom

Base Notes

Labdanum, Leather, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Tonka Beans


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Experience the refreshing and luxurious notes of Nobile 1942 Acqua & Sol – Acqua Nobile Eau De Parfum, exclusively available at FGC Parfumerie. This exquisite fragrance, crafted by renowned Italian perfumer Nobile 1942, transports you to the idyllic beaches of the Mediterranean with just one spritz.

Infused with notes of citrus, cedar, and ambergris, Acqua Nobile is a fresh and clean scent that captivates the senses. The top notes of bergamot and lemon awaken the senses with a burst of energy, while the heart note of cedar adds a touch of warmth and depth. The base note of ambergris adds a mesmerizing touch, leaving a lasting impression on all who encounter it.

This fragrance is perfect for those who appreciate a balance of sophistication and charm. The blend of notes creates a harmonious and well-rounded aroma that is both invigorating and soothing, making it suitable for any occasion. Whether you’re strolling along the French Riviera or simply dreaming of summer, Acqua Nobile keeps you feeling refreshed and refined all day long.

FGC Parfumerie is proud to offer Nobile 1942 Acqua & Sol – Acqua Nobile, a bath and body product unlike any other. Nobile 1942 is a luxury fragrance house known for their impeccable attention to detail and commitment to using high-quality ingredients.

At FGC Parfumerie, located in Kuwait, we take pride in offering our customers only the best and most unique fragrances. With Acqua Nobile, we aim to elevate your fragrance collection and transport you to the breathtaking landscapes of the Mediterranean. Delight your senses with this irresistible and one-of-a-kind fragrance, Acqua & Sol – Acqua Nobile, only at FGC Parfumerie.