Oud Orange Intense

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Additional information

Top Notes

Coconut, Fruity Notes

Middle Notes

Bourbon, Vanilla

Base Notes

Agarwood (Oud), Musk, Vanilla


Energize your senses with “Fragrance Du Bois Oud Orange Intense,” a vibrant and exhilarating scent available at FGC Parfumerie, Kuwait’s destination for luxurious and unique fragrances. This parfum is a vivid celebration of contrast and harmony, blending the zesty brightness of orange with the profound depth of oud, perfect for those who revel in the fusion of freshness and richness.

Oud Orange Intense opens with a burst of juicy, sun-kissed oranges, evoking the invigorating energy of a Mediterranean grove bathed in sunlight. This lively citrus introduction captures the essence of joy and vibrancy, setting a spirited and refreshing tone.

At the heart of the fragrance lies the majestic oud, a symbol of opulence and depth. This luxurious ingredient, revered in the world of perfumery, infuses the scent with a rich, woody resonance. The combination of oud with the effervescent orange creates a unique olfactory experience – an enchanting dance of light and dark, fresh and deep.

As the fragrance evolves, it settles into a warm embrace of subtle spices and earthy notes. These elements add a layer of complexity and warmth, perfectly complementing the brightness of the orange and the richness of the oud.

Available at FGC Parfumerie, “Fragrance Du Bois Oud Orange Intense” is not just a perfume; it’s an expression of duality and harmony. It’s a scent for those who appreciate the unexpected combinations and the joy of discovery. Wear Oud Orange Intense to experience a delightful journey from the vibrant citrus orchards to the mysterious oud forests, where every note tells a story of adventure and elegance.

Oud Orange Intense
KWD 205.000