Cacao2 Body Cream


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Amber, Benzoin, Cedar, Cocoa, Vanilla, Vetiver


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Indulge in the luxurious and decadent “Maison Tahité Cacao2 Body Cream,” now available at FGC Parfumerie, Kuwait’s premier destination for exquisite and unique personal care products. Part of the esteemed Maison Tahité collection, this body cream is crafted for those who relish in the rich, aromatic pleasures of cocoa, expertly blended with other gourmet notes to create a deeply moisturizing and irresistibly scented body cream.

“Maison Tahité Cacao2 Body Cream” envelops you in the warm, comforting aroma of cocoa, a scent that is both nostalgic and indulgent. This opulent fragrance sets a tone of relaxation and luxury, making each application a sensorial delight.

As you massage the cream into your skin, it melts in smoothly, releasing additional layers of scent that include hints of vanilla and subtle spices. These complementary notes enhance the depth of the cocoa, adding a sophisticated sweetness and a spicy warmth that makes the cream even more captivating.

The finish of Cacao2 Body Cream leaves your skin feeling exceptionally soft, hydrated, and velvety to the touch. The formula is rich in nourishing ingredients that deeply moisturize without leaving a greasy residue, ensuring that your skin remains supple and beautifully scented throughout the day.

Presented at FGC Parfumerie, “Maison Tahité Cacao2 Body Cream” is more than just a skincare product; it’s an indulgence for the senses. Ideal for those who love the comforting and rich scents of gourmet ingredients, this body cream is perfect for daily use. Apply it generously after bathing or showering to lock in moisture and wrap yourself in the luxurious and warm aroma of cocoa, enhanced by vanilla and spices. It’s a perfect way to pamper yourself and maintain soft, scented skin every day.

Cacao2 Body Cream
KWD 19.500